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Who is entitled to an Travel Insurance or Overseas mediclaim policy?

Anyone traveling abroad for business or pleasure or as student (going for higher studies) can qualify for an Overseas Mediclaim or Travel Insurance. Needless to say, this policy does not cover trips abroad for pre-planned medical treatment.
Travel Overseas - All 24 hours during the covered trip up to 60 days only
Travel Within India - Travels by commercial plane as a ticketed passenger by train / licensed coach / taxi including private taxi, outstation use of company car and while as a pedestrian
But excluding two wheelers or the public road transport system.  [Close]

What is the procedure to be followed to apply for cover under an Overseas Mediclaim policy or Travel Insurance?

To acquire cover under an Overseas Mediclaim policy or Travel Insurance, the traveler must submit his
Visa details and its validity
Country of visit
Passport details
Name and address of the sponsor, a certificate giving details of employment / studies and its duration
Period of cover required
Medical examination certificate as per the prescribed guideline
Income certificate of the sponsor in case of student  [Close]

What are the types of cover that are offered in travel insurance?

There are two types of policies that are available -
Single Trip policy and Annual Multi Trip (single premium) policy. [Close]

What is the maximum period a person will be covered by the policy?

A person travelling abroad can be covered for a maximum period of 180 days under a single trip policy and 45 days at a time under annual multi trip policy.  [Close]

What are the emergencies covered by a travel insurance policy?

A travel insurance policy covers medical expenses, emergency evacuation, loss of passport, personal accident, hospital cash, baggage loss or delay, repatriation of remains and personal liability. However, pre-existing medical sickness, unaccompanied baggage cancellation/curtailment of journey are not covered by it.  [Close]

What is "Baggage Insurance" ?

Baggage Insurance is insurance that covers the loss or damages to personal baggage of the policyholder or his family members due to fire, theft or accident during the course of journey anywhere in India including stoppage enroute. [Close]

What are main exclusions in Travel Insurance?

Main Exclusion - You are not covered if any expenses incurred directly of indirectly in respect of Traveling against the advice of a Physician, for obtaining treatment; Pre existing ailments & Complications arising out of them, Suicide or attempted suicide; War; Terrorism; Illegal Acts; Dangerous Sports; etc. [Close]
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