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  1. Tips to SAVE Car Insurance Premium
  2. Frequently Asked Questions on car Insurance -
  3. No Claim Bonus
  4. How the insurance premium of a new car is calculated
  5. Can I get insured for a higher amount?
  6. Car Insurance
  7. Third party cover
  8. General Insurance Companies in India
  9. Best General Insurance Company in India
  10. Car Insurance
  11. When Comprehensive Policy wont cover claim?
  12. Car Insurance - Jargon Buster
  13. Transfering the motor insurance policy to new city
  14. Claim amount paid - subject to Excess and Depreciation!
  15. Car Insurance - without the vehicle in town
  16. Procedure to cover new accessories under old Insurance?
  17. Registered the car in my name, what about insurance?
  18. Tax exemption for the Bike Insurance policy?
  19. Is cover note ONLY valid for 30 days?
  20. Car Insurance - holding a learning licence
  21. Keeping insurance certificate with you...
  22. Vehicle met with an accident yesterday
  23. No claims discount validity?
  24. Will my insurance co have a problem with this?
  25. Change of Address
  26. Charges for cancelling car insurance
  27. Changing from Motorcycle to Car Insurance
  28. Experience with Insurance Company
  29. Can I change insurance provider whilst I have a claim ongoing?
  30. Maruti Insurance
  31. Fully Comprehensive VS Third Party
  32. Transfer the insurance policy after selling car
  33. bike insurance?
  34. Cancel the Insurance cover
  35. Cheating by Agent - Reliance General Insurance
  36. Online policy - no insurance stamp on the policy?
  37. Air Bags covered under car insurance or not?
  38. What is a valued policy?
  39. Tariff and De-Tariff of motor insurance?
  40. Direct discount in lieu of commission in premium?
  41. No insurance certificate since more than 5 months
  42. Car Insurance - Sell with Car or Not?
  43. Didn't received renewal notice ontime?
  44. What is AA?
  45. New IDV of Car after loss?
  46. Should I go with Bajaj Allianz - Car Insurance?
  47. An SMS could end your vehicle's insurance-free ride
  48. Insurers can’t shun third-party motor cover mandatorily
  49. Can we buy third party - car insurance online?
  50. Hit by an unknown driver when parked?
  51. Second hand car insurance
  52. Converted Car into CNG?
  53. Transferring RC on the name of Insurance company , In case of theft
  54. Choosing the Car insurance company?
  55. Car Break-Down only insurance cover?
  56. How to check that agent filed my car premium?
  57. Premium calculation methods for Bike?
  58. Help : Insuring my Hero Honda - Splender bike (2004)
  59. Car insurance paper lost?
  60. Transfering the car insurance, after selling
  61. Bharti Axa launches add-on covers for cars
  62. Insurance firms to pay for pillion riders too
  63. Cancel my car insurance
  64. How much amount car owner would get in accident?
  65. Total Loss - Car catches fire
  66. What is a prorata premium?
  67. Bajaj Allianz offers 5% rebate on motor insurance premium for ladies
  68. NCB Transfer from UK to India
  69. ICICI Lombard offers add on covers for motor insurance
  70. Is motor Insurance excess necessary?
  71. Premium and NCB on Third Party Cover
  72. Loading on Renewal premium - TATA Indica
  73. Vehicle insurance denied for plying without permit
  74. Car Accident - RC and Insurance not Transfered?
  75. New Car Insurance - From Dealer or Agent?
  76. Motor Tariff?
  77. How to check that you are fully covered in the cover provided by the agent?
  78. Change my insurance company in the middle of policy?
  79. Insurance for Maruti swift?
  80. Wrong info on Renewal Notice?
  81. Insurance Transfer for second hand car?
  82. What to do in case of accident?
  83. Total loss car insurance claim?
  84. Two Car Insurance for the same car. Pls advice!
  85. car to be insured
  86. Total Loss of my Salvage Rebuilt Car
  87. Why Pvt. General Insurance Company shy with third party insurance?
  88. Is buying car insurance online safe?
  89. Third Party for my father's old Maruti Car
  90. How to get NCB Certificate?
  91. New Car
  92. How can I trace my NCB?
  93. HDFC - Ergo says they cannot renew my car policy
  94. How to get - Car Insurance- NCD certificate?
  95. Claim Rejected - No name on policy?
  96. Car Insurance- Why the full amount has not been paid to me?
  97. Excess premium charged by agent - What to do now?
  98. Non Receipt of Original Insurance Policy from National Insurance Co. Ltd.
  99. How do I get a duplicate insurance policy of my motorcycle?
  100. Car damaged no cashless facility, what to do now?
  101. Stolen/Recovered Car – No response from surveyor?
  102. Car stolen, Insurance not being paid since 3 years
  103. Bike Insurance Renewal
  104. Accident with my car (car transferred in my name but haven"t changed insurance policy)?
  105. Bike Claim - Insurer is approving only for repair?
  106. Is there any discount in motor insurance premium for disabled persons?
  107. How do I get the NCB letter?
  108. Policy Inception Date
  109. Car Insurance Expired four month back - What to do now?
  110. Old car (not manufactured any more), How do I estimate the sum insured for it?
  111. If my insurance refuses to pay the 3rd party. Am I still liable to compensate the 3rd party?
  112. Policy Issue time wrong on Online Car Policy of IFFCO-TOKIO
  113. What will be the procedure for the car insurance claim, if my car is registered in another state?
  114. Car insurance renewed from Future Generali, later on cancelled my policy after car inspection!
  115. Can I cancel my car insurance in the middle of the insurance period?
  116. Online bike/motorcycle insurance renewal?
  117. Car Insurance Premium Increased by Bajaj Allianz - Can I change my insurance company this year?
  118. J.D. Power - India Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Index
  119. Should I need to carry original insurance papers in bike?
  120. Car Insurance total loss claim - Help needed ASAP
  121. Car Insurance - Renewal documents not received yet
  122. Can I change my car insurance from third party to comprehensive insurance?
  123. My Alto car met with an accident - Insurance company’s surveyor denying the claim!
  124. Reliance General - claim rejected for vehicle fitted with LPG kit and not endorsed in the policy
  125. Online car insurance policy from HDFC Ergo - Waiting for hard copy of policy
  126. What to do first in case of bike accident?
  127. Car Insurance for my old car
  128. Car parked in the society premises and gets damaged due to thrown stone from outside?
  129. Can I go for innovative products like - 0% Depreciation, Key Replacement, Emergency Transportation?
  130. What do I do if the vehicle is stolen and the original policy is lost?
  131. Whether the Insurance company is liable to pay compensation to the third parties?
  132. Driving licence for LMV - Will the Insurance Co. have to pay compensation?
  133. Theft of Hero Honda - Will I get the claim?
  134. car insurance transfer-- and my situation.. plz advise
  135. What is the maximum number of claims allowed over a year?
  136. Insurance for tata Nano lx
  137. Total loss for Volkswagen Polo 2010 model (Insurer:Reliance General insurance)
  138. HDFC Ergo agents in Bangalore are big cheats and big time liars
  139. Second hand car : Two Insurance Policies - Claim from which company Bajaj Allianz and Reliance?
  140. What should I do to get Car Insurance Transfer?
  141. Car Insurance claim with Tata-AIG General Insurance
  142. Car Insurance Claim - Is it possible to appoint an arbitrator?
  143. Comprehens​ive Insurance for an Out of State registered car
  144. Car theft claim hanging in the air - some queries to resolve it faster ??
  145. Honda Activa claim from united india insurance
  146. Bike Insurance : No insurance for past three years, need a new insurance?
  147. How to get car insurance?
  148. Car insurance
  149. settlement time for total loss claim in new india insurance
  150. regarding insurance claim on used car
  151. Claim Rejected saying that car is used as Commercial Cab?
  152. When is the 'Tyre Damage' covered under Car Insurance?
  153. Do I need to inform insurer, if I have had paid to the third party for the damage?
  154. What all things do I need to check before buying the car insurance policy?
  155. Do vehicle registration number has any effect on the insurance premium?
  156. Depreciation Rider : Is it worth buying depreciation rider for an old car?
  157. Total Loss claim
  158. What happen if I drive car which is insured in my father's name?
  159. How long I need to stay with an insurer to have a NCB?
  160. Salvage selling in case of total Loss
  161. Car Insurance got expired 3 months back - Met an accident last day. Please Guide!!
  162. Is "Zero Depriciation Cover" worth buying?
  163. What Type of Car Insurance Cover Do I buy - 3rd Party or Fully Comp?
  164. No Claim Bonus : Claiming 3 year old NCB?
  165. New Insurance For Used Car While Old Insurance Is Valid?
  166. Repair cost more than IDV
  167. IRDA Approved Web Aggregators in India
  168. Want to cancel my Bharati Axa car insurance policy?
  169. Can I use NCB of previous owner?
  170. Total Loss - Why Car IDV value cannot be paid out?
  171. Claim My Car Insurance
  172. car met accident while getting RC transferred
  173. New Motor Tariff effective from 1st April 2015
  174. 6 easy ways to save money on car insurance premium
  175. Need to buy a Car Insurance - From where one should buy ?
  176. Fatal Accident met with JCB Excavator
  177. What are add-ons you consider which you should buy?
  178. How do I compare car insurance quotes?
  179. Difference between Zero Depreciation and Comprehensive Car Insurance