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  1. Tips to SAVE Health Insurance Premium
  2. FAQ on Health Insurance / Mediclaim
  3. FAQ on Personal Accident
  4. FAQ on Critical Illness
  5. Buy Online Health Insurance
  6. TPAs what?
  7. Risks covered under Personal Accident
  8. Process for making a claim on a health policy
  9. Name and Address of TPAs in India
  10. Why we need to buy health insurance
  11. Who does not need Health insurance?
  12. Contact Numbers of Insurance Companies for Insurance Claims:
  13. best mediclaim for first time buyers?
  14. Family Floater - Health Insurance
  15. Having LIC with accident rider. Do still I need to buy PA insurance?
  16. Non receipt of Health Insurance ID card
  17. Help? Mediclaim Claim - Insured thru TPA
  18. Difference between the premium for a health policy
  19. Group Health Insurance cover
  20. IFFCO-TOKIO's Individual Medishield Policy
  21. Best Personal Accident Policy
  22. Is PA or Medicalim Policy cover terrorist attack?
  23. Check Exclusions before buying Mediclaim & Critical Illness Policies
  24. Suggest Mediclaim Policy
  25. LIC health plus
  26. Claims Processing for Mediclaim?
  27. Mediclaim for family
  28. Mediclaim or Critical Illness?
  29. Mediclaim policy - also cover pre-existing Disease
  30. Family health insurance policy?
  31. Mediclaim policy - Pre existing diseases?
  32. Health policy for my parents?
  33. Health Insurance Premium
  34. What is Top-up health insurance?
  35. Family health insurance policy - health check-ups required?
  36. Query on mediclaim?
  37. Is it possible to add my family members to my existing policy?
  38. Family floater plan? Already covered by Group Insurance
  39. How to determine an appropriate cover amount?
  40. LIC health plus - life risk cover is provided or not?
  41. Health Protection Plus Or Health Plus?
  42. Cashless health Insurance policy covering Pre Existing High Sugar
  43. Worng Policy Issued & Premium Charged?
  44. Need to discontinue my Health Policy
  45. Still not received any policy document?
  46. Will I get refund if I cancel my policy?
  47. Irda gives 15-day free-look period for health insurance policies
  48. Diseases covered by ICICI Lombard Health insurance?
  49. Lic - health protection plus
  50. Insurance claim? Get your commas right
  51. Religare may launch health insurance by April '10
  52. Health Insurance for my father, who is diabetic?
  53. Health Insurance for my Parents in India?
  54. Which is the best mediclaim policy avaiable in India right now?
  55. Transfer of Group Health Insurance Policy
  56. PA Policy not received?
  57. ICICI Lombard offers swine flu cover
  58. Health Insurance coverage under Spouse Insurance Policy?
  59. Health Insurance claim?
  60. Carry forward all the benefits of mediclaim policy?
  61. Health Insurance from CitiBank
  62. Exclusions of Personal Accident Policy?
  63. Pre medical test for health insurance policy?
  64. Now, health insurance to cover OPD charges
  65. Health insurance, which covers pregnancy in the first year?
  66. Health Insurance for family
  67. Rejection of my health insurance claim
  68. Personal Accident and Critical Illness policy?
  69. Departed back to India?
  70. new Medical Policy
  71. Two health insurance cover?
  72. Is Apollo Munich Health is a new company?
  73. Can we take Health Insurance and Critical Illness from two different companies?
  74. Which insurance companies do not have TPA?
  75. Mediclaim insurance: Safeguard or trap?
  76. Bajaj Allianz - The top-up plan, health insurance plan "Extra Care"
  77. What is two years mediclaim policy?
  78. What to check while selecting Criticall illness cover?
  79. Budget 2010: Health insurance costs set to go up
  80. ICICI Health insurance renewal - Premium Increased
  81. STAR Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizen
  82. Bonus on Mediclaim policy of National Insurance?
  83. max bupa or ICICI lombard?? Need suggestions.
  84. HDFC Policy not received?
  85. What things I look in for the PA policy?
  86. Queries - Covered under two Group Health Insurance policies?
  87. Urgent!!!Need to know the best companies for group health
  88. Cashless facilities removed from major hospitals
  89. Mediclaim sum insured is exhausted, do I need to renew the policy?
  90. At What Point Is Health Insurance Necessary?
  91. What all conditions, we need to disclose about any pre-existing medical conditions
  92. I have a pre-existing condition. Can I get insurance coverage?
  93. Will laser operation be covered under mediclaim?
  94. Suggest Health Insurance Plan for family
  95. Health Insurance - Policy Suggestion Please
  96. Health Insurance Plan for Family
  97. LIC's Health Protection Plus Return after 38years
  98. Pre-existing conditions, how to cover?
  99. Nonreceipt Photo I-Card of LIC-Health plus policy, even after 8 months
  100. Can I claim under three mediclaim policies?
  101. Please suggest - Mediclaim/Health insurance policy with critical illness?
  102. Health Plus and Protection Plus from LIC
  103. Comparison of ICICI Lombard family floater plan?
  104. Apollo Munich Exclusive Heath Plan or Aegon Religare Comprehensive health plan?
  105. How do I change address of my existing mediclaim?
  106. Am I eligible for tax rebate under sec 80D?
  107. Suggest the best option - single or family floater policy?
  108. Health insurance for me and dependent parents?
  109. Health insurance policy providing pre-existing diseases (especially for knee replacement)?
  110. Best Health Insurance Company -2011 in India @ HT-MaRS Survey
  111. Should I go for health insurance now, when my company is covering me?
  112. Health Insurance - which also cover pre-existing disease?
  113. Mediclaim insurance which includes dependent parents.
  114. Why insurance sales persons make false promise?
  115. Personal Accident and Critical Illness policy
  116. Which mediclaim policy covers the pregnancy related surgeries like cesarean operations?
  117. My claim repudiated - How to appeal to insurance ombudsman?
  118. Health Insurance Policy for a working professional?
  119. Mediclaim - What are No Claim Bonus Rules?
  120. Why health insurance is must in India?
  121. Bajaj Allianz - top-up plan "Extra Care"
  122. Diabetes : pre-existing condition or not?
  123. Resigned from the company - Can I cancel group mediclaim and buy individual mediclaim policy?
  124. Top Up Health Insurance Policy - like United India Insurance Company's Super Top Up Policy?
  125. Personal Accident Policy for 27 years old with annual income 8 Lakhs?
  126. Should I choose a health insurance floater policy or an individual policy?
  127. Things to consider before buying medical insurance?
  128. Suggest a best health insurance plan for family of 3 (parents + 1 kid)?
  129. Buying another health Insurance - how I will make the claim from two companies?
  130. Health Insurance - If I include my parent in 5th year of the policy, will I get claim for their pre existing disease immediately?
  131. Can I cover all of us in one health insurance policy?
  132. Looking for policy preferably cash less medical insurance?
  133. Personal Accident cover for annual income is Rs 4.5 Lakh?
  134. What should be my minimum total coverage for personal accident policy?
  135. Health Insurance Advise Needed
  136. What is your opinion about LIC Health Protection Plus?
  137. Health Insurance renewal related!
  138. Confused with Max Bupa
  139. Health Insurance policy for me & My Spouse with Critical Illness cover - Am confused with Apollo Munich & Bajaj Allianz?
  140. Looking to buy a family floater- Should I take Apollo, Bajaj or ICICI?
  141. Personal Accident Insurance Plan - High Risk Job?
  142. Health Insurance policy for my mother age 65
  143. Medical Insurance option for family
  144. More premium demanded
  145. Medical checkup
  146. Citibank Health Insurance policy - No documents or tests upto 60 years
  147. ICICI Health Saver - Shall I go for another policy?
  148. Query - Health insurance Policy with annual hike
  149. Claim rejection? Knee replacement surgery
  150. Which one will be better, flotter (whole family) or individual?
  151. Death due to a mosquito bite is an accident and is covered under accidental death insurance
  152. IRDA's issues exposure draft on Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Health Insurance) Regulations 2012
  153. Wanted to buy personal accident policy and critical illnes policy
  154. Oriental Insurance - NCB not given for Individual Mediclaim policy
  155. Critical illness and Personal Accident - which plan I should consider, which cover both?
  156. Can NRI buy health insurance in India?
  157. FAQ : What is Critical Illness Cover?
  158. Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater policy issue
  159. Any insurance policy without 30 day waiting period
  160. Paid Full Health Insurance for year, then resigned. Do I get the insurance money back?
  161. Is there any company will cover joint replacement in health insurance?
  162. Whether original hospital bills are compulsory required to be submitted with the insurance company?
  163. what kind of dental problems can be covered in health insurance?
  164. health insurance for my family best between ICICI LOMBARD, Apollo Munich and Oriental Insurance
  165. ICICI Pru Health Saver - How Useful Pls advise
  166. Can I claim the cost of dental Implantation surgery through Group Staff Mediclaim Policy?
  167. What is a Super Top-Up Health Plan?
  168. Top-up Health Insurance : Will it be a single illness or two?
  169. What should be the approach to cover for critical illness cover?
  170. Personal accident cover and Critical illness : Which company is good to take this cover from
  171. Can I buy a health insurance plan for my parents; knowingly there are not living with me?
  172. Good health insurance for family
  173. Critical Illness plan for my father: Could you please help me out with it?
  174. Is "OBC Bank Mediclaim Insurance" policy perfect for me?
  175. Which is the good health insurance for my parents?
  176. Mediclaim Query - Can I postpone treatment so that I can claim in next renewal year of the policy?
  177. Health insurance for my parents
  179. Information wanted regarding PERSONAL ACCIDENT policies
  180. Health Insurance Policy with "No loading" and "No capping"?
  181. Want to buy health insurance including maternity
  182. Which is the best HOSPITAL CASH POLICY and the best CRITICAL ILLNESS policy
  183. Looking for advice about healthl insurance
  184. Raising A Mediclaim under Two Policies
  185. Insufficient Claim Amount sanctioned by NIC
  186. How to get full tax rebate (80D) of two year health insurance policy?
  187. What is the best option in Health Insurance, Family Floater policy or Individual Health Policy?
  188. Health Insurance premium paid by my mother's Bank account, can I still claim deduction for premium amount under section 80D?
  189. Which is the best cancer insurance ?
  190. How can I buy Cancer Insurance in India?
  191. Cause of hospitalization
  192. BAJAJ Allianz Premium personal Guard
  193. Pls. suggest a combination of base mediclaim & topup/ super topup policies.
  194. Do we lose the cumulative bonus if we reduce the sum assured amount while renewing
  195. Technical query by TPA
  196. Which health insurance plan is the best to buy today?
  197. health insurance
  198. Policies that covers maternity benefits?
  199. Portability of group mediclaim to individual
  200. Why is critical illness required when the normal health insurance covers most hospitalization? is there a need to spend additional on critical illness
  201. My Insurance Needs - Term +Critical + Employer + Floater?
  202. Do insurance premium increase every year?
  203. Best approach to Mediclaim needs
  204. New India Assurance - Floater with Topup query
  205. understanding pre-existing clause in insurance.
  206. How to get Maternity cover
  207. How much health insurance do you need?
  208. Insurance policy arbitrarily downgraded. Feel Cheated. What is the recourse?
  209. Best Critical Illness Plans in India (2016)
  210. Which is the best super top up policy ? Mediclaim of a larger amount or super top up ? Which is better
  211. Does Mediclaim renewal premium increases every year?
  212. Health insurance for type 1 diabetic
  213. Important things that you must understand before you buy Health Insurance.
  214. Query on family floater health insurance from ICICI Lombard