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  1. Income Tax Slabs
  2. FAQ Income Tax -
  3. Fixed Deposit Tax
  4. Capital Gains
  5. Tax benefits under our insurance and pension policies
  6. Income Tax Calculator -2009
  7. Taxability of F&O
  8. FAQ on Salary:
  9. Income Tax Calculator
  10. Tax Implications of Capital Gains
  11. Income Tax Refunds of Previous Years
  12. Know your PAN Number - Online
  13. Health Insurance - Tax Rebate
  14. Is Mediclaim Insurance Proceeds taxable?
  15. Commission on Premium Income
  16. Tax Saving under Medical Insurance
  17. Tax Deduction under section 35AC (80G)
  18. Mediclaim Premium Deduction
  19. Query Regarding Medical Insurance Preimium U/s 80D (Income Tax)
  20. Application for PAN - New PAN Card/Changes or Correction
  21. Tax on Shares
  22. Medical Reimbursement
  23. HRA? Please help
  24. HRA query?
  25. What is the website address used to file online Tax ?
  26. IMPORTANT Info - Income Tax
  27. Income Tax Return - 2009
  28. Mediclaim policies - Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act
  29. Tax implications in trading (stocks/demat)?
  30. Budget Highlights 2009-10
  31. How to file IT return of last year?
  32. Calculating Capital Gains?
  33. File IT return online, its so easy
  34. How much tax payable or refund on claim amount?
  35. Short Term Capital Gain Vs Profit in Futures Trade
  36. Rebate on Late fee paid for Life Insurance Premium
  37. Can I claim Registration fees - Deduction U/s 80C?
  38. Calculation of Tax Liability?
  39. Home loan and HRA claim?
  40. Missed tax return deadline for 2008-09
  41. Find out the status of your I-T refund
  42. Rent agreement copy for HRA?
  43. What is the procedure of PAN Correction?
  44. Wealth Tax India
  45. Understanding Tax on Capital Gain/Loss in Equities
  46. NRI Accounts - NRE, NRO and FCNR
  47. Tax on NSC
  48. Tax exemption for health insurance
  49. Query - Tax on Jeevan Anand Policy
  50. One Health Insurance policy - Two claimants
  51. Must Read Article - 11 tax-savers to pick from
  52. Tax Save - Under Sec 80C, 80CCC, 80D
  53. how to get section 80D claim?
  54. which IT Return form (ITR 1 or ITR 4), I need to submit?
  55. 80E benefit?
  56. Interest on the NSC?
  57. Tax benefits on the interest of the loan?
  58. Is Post Office Recurring Deposit Accunts exempted from tax?
  59. ULIPs withdrawal tax free after 5 years!
  60. Deduction of mediclaim premium under section 80D for dependent in-laws?
  61. MFs and Taxation
  62. Income tax Refund query
  63. Name Incorrectly Printed on PAN?
  64. IT exemption of the insurance premium for parents?
  65. Life Insurance Premium paid in advance - Will get 80 C deduction?
  66. Sec 80C - Fixed Deposit Proof Submission?
  67. What are Tax implications of the New ULIP?
  68. Mediclaim premium exemption under section 80D
  69. Can I avail Sec 80C benefit, if I pay my life insurance premium online using my credit card?
  70. Save Taxes under Section 80CCF - IFCI Long Term Infrastructure Bond Series II
  71. Tax implications for claim proceed of the personal accident policy?
  72. Itemised Tax Return
  73. Under which section the maturity proceed of PPF is exempt?
  74. What is current wealth tax exemption limit?
  75. How DTC affect Life Insurance Policies - old and new?
  76. Is dividend income earned from a mutual fund is exempted from income tax?
  77. Is the amount recieved under Critical Illness Policy Claim is not taxable?
  78. Is Form 16 required and of how many recent Saral Form/Form 16 is needs to be retained?
  79. New life insurance premium not present in Form-16 : Is there any way to rectify the Form-16?
  80. Surrendered unit linked policy need suggestion?
  81. Can I get tax rebate on NSC certificate?
  82. Maturity Amount from SBI Life Insurance : Is it to be treated as Income for me?
  83. Will there be any tax deduction on matured - National Savings Certificate (NSC)?
  84. What is the treatment of NSC interest?
  85. Income tax benefit on payment of mediclaim premium in cash or by pay order
  86. Tax saving FD
  87. Whether premium paid towards mediclaim for dependent grand mother is also tax exempted?
  88. 80C : Tax benefit on surrender/termination of policy
  89. Cheque encashed in April'2012 by LIC - Will I be eligible for deduction under 80C for FY 2010-11?
  90. What is the Income Tax rebate under LICís Health Plus?
  91. What are the changes to NPS in budget 2014?
  92. Chartered Accountant in Chennai
  93. Whether Service Tax+ Stamp duty is also considered for tax exemption under 80D for Medicalim Policy?
  94. Can I claim the premium amount paid for "my disabled and dependent sister and brother" under 80D ?