View Full Version : Two PPF accounts in my name, what to do?

28-02-2014, 02:33 PM
I am 24 year old and started working in an MNC after my MBA as part of my Tax Saving , I have opened a PPF account in Jan-2014 and deposited Rs 10,000. Now I came to know from my father that my father already has a minor account in my name, which will be completing 15 years in 2015. So now I have two PPF accounts. Now I am in dilemma - which one to keep, which one to close?

- Can I keep both the PPF accounts?
- Is it possible to link both the PPF account?

28-02-2014, 06:50 PM
You can't keep both accounts. As per the PPF rule, an individual can only open a single PPF account in his name. Close your new account stating that you have an existing account and then follow below rule for existing PPF account.

Following rule will apply for you -
If the account is opened in the name of the minor and the minor attains majority before the maturity of the account, the ex-minor will himself continue the account thereafter. He will submit a revised application form for opening the account to the Accounts Office. His signature on the application form will be attested by the guardian who opened the account of the minor or by a respectable person known to the Branch.