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  1. Is it best to go for pure term policy or go for endowment policy?

    I have taken home loan of Rs. 45,00,000 for two houses. I want to know which policy is the best to cover the risk of repayment. Also, is it best to go for pure term policy and look for other...
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    Do you invest in mutual funds? Why? Reason?

    My Reasons -
    I believe MF investment is good. Its good for the person who doesn't have much time to study about.
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    Insurance for Maruti swift?

    My insurance for Maruti swift is going to get over in March 2010. I have checked my last year cover note and found out that last year I have paid Rs 12,500. Now how much do I have to pay for it. I...
  4. Article - Going abroad? Buy health insurance first

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    Please check following while buying Travel Insurance -

    1- The cost factor
    2- Why buy insurance?
    3- What is covered?
    4- The flip side

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