Key Highlights of the Issue :

  1. Retail Application upto Rs. 5 lakhs with a 50% reservation for Retail
  2. HNI (application of >Rs. 5 lakhs) Reservation of 25%
  3. Attractive Coupon Rate of 9.25% for 10 year bond & 9.50% for 15 year bond
  4. Call option at the end of 5 years for the 10 year bond & 10 year call for the 15 year bond
  5. Step up coupon of 0.5% if the call option is not exercised
  6. No Lock-in period
  7. Allotment on a First Come First Serve Basis
  8. Allotment of bonds in Demat form
  9. Bonds will be listed on NSE and will provide a platform for trading of the Bonds
  10. No TDS since the Bonds are listed and issued in dematerialized form