Sarain Singh alleges that he had purchased 13 cows under the High-tech dairy scheme of Punjab government, through public sector leder Punjab National Bank. At the same time his cows were given insurance cover by the Oriental insurance company. Of total, one cow had died on October 7, 2009. Then he informed the insurer, which send company's investigator to verify the death of the cow.

A report was then submitted to the insurance company, but firm refuted to accept the document, stating that the verification report of the dead animal says that an electronic chip, which was inserted in animal's body when they were insured could not be located in the dead cow. Thus, the dead animal was not among the 13 cows insured.

However, the forum, while giving its verdict said that the complainant had no role in putting in or taking out the micro-chip from the body of the animal as the same was done by the service provider of the insurance company, that too at the instance of the firm.

Finally, the forum declared the report submitted by the complainant was held to be genuine and directed the insurer to pay compensation of Rs 45,000 and Rs 10,000 as litigation charges to the complainant.