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Thread: Health Insurance Advise Needed

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    Default Health Insurance Advise Needed

    I would like to purchase a health insurance for my son who is just 10 months old. I think what I am looking for is we can get a hospitalization as well as out patient treatment like visiting the doctor, pharmacy fees and his vaccinations. Me and My wife and my parents from National insurance have already another health insurance but if something good can be suggested , I can surrender that and can move to new one if something good comes for all 4 of us as well. In the current , we have maternity benefit but does not have cover existing heart disease of one of my parent before taking the policy. So if we can somehow get some good health insurance so it will be great.I am looking forward to take this asap so please share your knowledge and experiences asap. Thanks

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    Buying a separate new policy for new born won't be that good, because vaccinations won't be covered and plus new policy provide cover to child after certain age 5 years + only, so won't solve your problem. How long your parents are covered under the present policy? Because after 4 years pre-existing disease they would be covered under the present policy.

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    You can check - Bupa HeartBeat - This policy will cover the newborn from the first day of birth.

    * Most of the health Insurance available cover only after the child is at least 90 days old as they are not ready to take the risk to cover a child below 90 days because the risk may be too high.

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