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Thread: Medical Insurance option for family

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    Default Medical Insurance option for family

    I am working in a private company. And I have medical insurance (EMeditek) from office (1 lakh floater plan) which includes me(28), my wife(26), my father(55) and mother(50).

    My wife also had a separate medical insurance from office for her. She is in government bank.

    As of now my brother (24) and my sister (20) have not any medical insurance.

    So I am thinking about below options kindly suggest me some better option.

    1- In next cycle I will increase my cover from 1 lakh to 2 lakh. Separate plan for brother and sister. Please suggest which plan is good for brother and sister separately according to their ages

    2- Will remain cover till 1 lakh and also take a separate family floater for my whole family. Please suggest some good plan.
    3- Or suggest some other better option.

    I am looking for that option which is good & economical.

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    Go for United India's Health Insurance - Mediclaim.

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    1- To incraese the sum insured you can take top-up health insurance plans.
    2- For your parents take separate health Insurance plans with an option to renew lifetime.
    3- You cannot cover you brother and sister in your family floater policy, so take separate health insurance plan for them.
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