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Thread: Banking Job Interview - Review my answers

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    Hello friends,

    This is Bongoni Rakesh. I am preparing for bank jobs. I have recently attended a interview for clerical post. Basically I am post graduate in organic chemistry. I served on of the top CRO s in india. Now I choose banking as new career. but I am unable to clear one question which was being asked.

    Why you chose this field, which not related to your subject? moreover PG candidate is over qualified for the post?

    I gave the following answer to them

    Sir basically I like banking, as it is a service sector, which provides great platform for personal and professional growth. So I chose banking for my growth.

    Here comes the next one

    Q2. You are a R&D ( research and development) chemist, research and development is also service. by inventing a new drug you could seerve the people so you already in the service sector?

    I was stuck at this point.
    immediately they asked the following one

    Q3. You have cleared the enterance for getting M.Sc. if you liked banking field, you should have done it after your graduation, as the minimum requirement for a clerk is 10+2. Unnecessarily you spoiled others chances of getting an M.Sc seat

    i was unable to answer these questions 2&3. Can anyone help me with this, Coz I have more interviews in the near future for the same clerical post.

    It would be very greatful if you helpme with this.


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    For first question you can answer like - Though I am from science background but I find it easy to deal with people and if I would have been in the chemistry field then also I would have been working in the customer service area only.

    Also check this weblink for sample answer - Why Do You Want This Job?

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    Q2 Answer - Yes I did MSc (Chemistry). But later on I got to know that it's (MSc) not my cup of tea. And my life funda is - "Look for a solution instead of pointing fingers at others and be honest. Accept the truth, makes necessary changes and move on." So I started applying for Banking job. I know I am over qualified but you (employer) are also getting over qualified candidate. So I will work better than others, so hire me.

    Q3 Answer - My resume and skills set speak for themselves. I have a consistent academic career and I fulfill all your academic requirement. I'd love to work for this company for my future prospects and for the growth of the company as well. You should hire me because I am confident and competent and I can work independently under a minimal supervision. Also, I am a good team player with the ability to collaborate with colleagues.

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