National Insurance Company Limited, Sector 17-D, Chandigarh, has been directed to pay Rs 1,24,951, following a consumer complaint over the amount accessed by the company as insurance claim in lieu of vehicle damages.

Naresh Kumar, a resident of Sector 22-D, Chandigarh, alleged that his vehicle met with an accident in January 2010, following which he lodged an insurance claim with the firm. The company, then, appointed a surveyor to assess the loss.

The surveyor assessed the loss to be Rs.81,600, which the complainant claimed was less than the amount of Rs 1,80,286 paid by him for the damages. The report by the surveyor stated that the damages to the engine were caused by driving the vehicle after the accident and was not payable under the terms of the policy. But the claim was refuted by Naresh, who produced a certificate by the towing company who towed the vehicle from the place of the accident to the workshop for repair, to prove that the vehicle was not ‘driven’ after the accident.

The insurance company has been ordered to refund Rs 1,24,951, along with an interest of nine percent from the date of filing of the complaint. Besides, it has been slapped a penalty of Rs 5,000 as litigation costs, to be paid within one month.

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