Welcome to Policywala!

Here are a few pointers on posting an appropriate introduction

1. Introductions are not compulsory, so do not post a one liner just for the sake of it.

2. It is not required for you to disclose your real name on the forum.

3. Try and make it an interesting read and you may include some or all of the following information in addition to any other information you wish to post :
- Your age (not a must but it helps)
- What do you do?
- How did you hear about policywala?
- Your current interests (within the investment field and out of it)

4. Do note that your intro thread will automatically "lock" (preventing further replies) after a few weeks. Hence, it is always better to keep non-introduction discussions in relevant threads in other sections of the forum that will remain open for discussion indefinitely.

Thank you and welcome aboard again,

The Policywala Support Team.