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    The candidate has been sponsored by a particular insurance company for agency examination and the candidate has passed the examination but the candidate has neither applied for license nor been allotted any agency code. At this stage how can the candidate apply for license and agency code to another compadny and to whom to apply for the same.

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    The issuance of Agency License process is now with the insurance company.

    License Not Applied and Not Issued:
    So if the candidate has not applied for agency license and same is not issued the insurance company. Then candidate could join another insurance company and again undertake the exam and apply for agency license.

    License is issued:
    If the agency license is issued by the insurance company then he could apply for transfer of Agent's license -
    - Resign from your present company
    - Apply for NOC from present company (this will be issued with in 90 days after your resignation and request for NOC)
    - Apply to new insurance company for new license with copy of above letters.

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