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Thread: Online shopping with a credit card is safe

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    With the amount of cybercrime that goes on, you always need to be careful about where you enter your credit card number. Protect your information by finding out when it is and isn’t safe to shop online with a credit card.
    Yes, it’s safe to shop online with your credit card, although it does depend on the site where you’re shopping as well as the security of both the device you’re using and the network you’re connected to.
    On secure e-commerce sites, payment pages have encryptions that prevent anyone from seeing or recording your credit card number. When you confirm an order, your credit card information goes through an encrypted channel to the payment processor that handles the transaction. Those encryptions help protect your credit card information from cybercriminals.
    Now, this assumes that you’re on a secure device, network, and website. While shopping online with a credit card is generally safe, you will need to take care of some things on your end to keep your risk to a minimum.

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