Vasthi Flue gas analyzer applies UV DOAS technology .The optical technology consists of light sources, gas chamber, optical and spectroscopic and other optical components. flue gas analyzer has minimum detection limit of SO2, NO, NO2 can be 1mg/m(15m optical path). NO and No2 can be measured at the sametime, dispense with converter. and low detection limit. Flue gas analyzer has small amount of zero drift and span drift.It has Natural Gas Purification process.

Vasthi OMGA -2000 DOAS Stack gas analyzer is an one-site installation gas analyzer which is developed after years reaching and design on online gas analysis can monitor gas parameters, including concentration SO2, NOX, O2, dust, humidity, temperature, pressure, flow and etc. stack gas analyzer is widely applied to tail gas emission monitoring and process analysis in many fields, including coal fired power plant.adopts 150c high temperature heat tracing for whole process, on -site filtering and sampling, on-site analysis and measuring technology. All paths contacting with gas are made of 316L stainless steel. Stack gas analyzer has many transcendent features, such as low detection limit , accurate measuring result, easy to calibrate.