Car insurance is a kind of general insurance and can be benefited in three structures specifically independent own harm (OD) vehicle protection strategy, outsider vehicle protection strategy, and complete vehicle protection strategy.

According to the Indian Motor Tariff, it is compulsory for each vehicle owner to host in any event a third get-together vehicle protection. Other than these three kinds of vehicle protection arrangements, there are likewise various vehicle protection additional items which can be picked with the independent OD strategy and complete vehicle protection strategy.

A vehicle add-on is an additional spread that improves the inclusion of a standard strategy for an additional premium. The most well-known and generally picked add-on is the zero depreciation add-on.

comprehensive car insurance policy - An exhaustive vehicle protection strategy is an approach that safeguards the policyholder against both the outsider liabilities (both life and property) just as own harms that may emerge because of a street mishap or some other deplorable function including the guaranteed vehicle.

zero depreciation cover - Car Insurance for zero depreciation protection spread is a vehicle protection add-on, otherwise called a nil deterioration spread and 'heavily congested' spread. Deterioration alludes to the misfortune in esteem brought about by any product because of mileage over the long run.