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Thread: Query on family floater health insurance from ICICI Lombard

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    Default Query on family floater health insurance from ICICI Lombard

    I had family floater health insurance from ICICI Lombard since 2008 with 3lac coverage. I have detected hypertension in 2017. I contacted ICICI lombard Insurance care and ported my policy to HDFC Eargo through I have also increased my policy base coverage from 3lac to 15 lac. During Porting I already mentioned in proposal from & I also inform policybazar agent that I have hypertension since 2017. I also received call for underwriting from HDFC Eargo and i also mentioned to him regarding my hypertension and medicine which currently I am taking.. But when I received policy, my PED(hypertension) is not mentioned in policy. So I contacted to HDFC Eargo as well as policy bazar & also send mail to both regarding this issue. They replied that they consider my PED don't worry if any claim in future I can use this mail as referrance.

    Is it OK or any thing wrong in it.? Because verbally as well as in mail both Policybzarar and HDFC Eargo said they consider my PED and it covered.

    So please advice what should I do?

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    The pre-existing disease (PED) refers to the medical conditions that a person is already suffering from, before the policy purchase. Most Health insurance plans have a waiting period of four years during which they do not cover pre-existing diseases. So you are good. Keep the correspondence with the HDFC and Policybazaar as reference for future use.

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