Eligibility Criteria for taking a loan, may vary from lender to lender. Still the following is a rough information to know whether you are eligible for a Personal Loan and upto how much amount.

For Salaried Persons

  1. Minimum age 21
  2. Maximum Age 60
  3. Minimum Monthly Income Rs 5000 and above
  4. Documents Required Proof of Identity (Passport Copy/ Voters ID card/ Driving Licence).
  5. Address Proof (Ration card Tel/elect. Bill/ Rental agr. / Passport copy/Trade licence /Est./Sales Tax certificate)
  6. Bank Statements(latest 6 months bank statement /passbook)
  7. Latest salary slip or current dated salary certificate with latest Form 16

For Self Employed Persons and Professional ( Doctors / Lawyers / Engineers / Architects ), except for the salary statements above, other documents such as

  • tax return documents,
  • Balance Sheet / Profit Loss Statement of the firm he owns may be required.

Other than the normal interest on the loan, you may be charged a one time processing fee also for your loan.