On policywala forum, you can always ask question by either creating a fresh first post or by participating in already going on discussion. So say if you have some query, then follow these steps

i) First search policywala Forum to see if there is already any releveant fresh discussion going on?

ii) If it is already there, then go to the last post and click on "Post Reply" and then post your question. Please be clear in your question and don't post messages like " Please email me this detail" as nobody has the time to send you the detail you are looking for if you don't have time to do same for others. So don't be rude as it is public community forum.

iii) In case there is no relevant thread, Then first go to relevant section which you think is most appropriate, click on " New thread" and post your query in following manner-

a) Subject : Put a descriptive comment so that a user can understand as what is the content of post. So instead of writing "Help" in subject box, write " Help needed for selecting Tax saving Mutual Fund" if you are looking for Tax saving Mutual Fund. then explain your problem and your expectations. If people reply to it then remember to say thanks and if nobody answers then post a reminder.

All the Best