In order to continually improve the content quality of PolicyWala, we have implemented the following membership levels:

1. PolicyWala NewBie : Less than 10 posts *
This is where fresh members will start their PolicyWala journey.
Newbies will NOT be able to:
- Directly post in the community. Their posts will show if and when they have been approved by the moderators.
- View the Members list, Member profiles or use the "Email Member" facility.

* Note - In some cases, newbie status shall be retained by a member past the 10 post mark if their posting habits are not yet entirely in accordance with the expected decorum and rules of PolicyWala. They will attain PolicyWala Fan status on a case by case basis depending on noticeable changes in their posting habits.

2. PolicyWala Fan : Greater than 25 posts

3. PolicyWala Expert : Greater than 75 posts
Access to all standard features including direct posting (no moderator que), polls, thread rating etc.

4. PolicyWala Guru : Greater than 150 posts + 1 Year Membership
Senior PolicyWala Guru will have the privilege of:

- Posting events on the calendar (TB Meets etc.)

5. PolicyWala Stalwart : Greater than 250 posts and Only by invitation, and based on contribution to the PolicyWala
In addition to all the regular benefits, PolicyWala Stalwart will be entitled to:
- A new user title "PolicyWala Stalwart" with a 5 star display
- A PolicyWala Email address
- Set self to Invisible mode