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Thread: Travel Insurance documents

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    Unhappy Travel Insurance documents


    I have purchased travel insurance on line on tuesday and have not recieved documents yet, bit worried that I may have put wrong email address. I would be travelling tomorrow, so will call customer services any other advice on what to do in my case?

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    Hi Sankalp,

    I hope you don't need them, but failing them arriving in the post, do keep a copy of the email when they accepted your purchase and take it with you, or phone up the coustomer care numbers of the insurance company, also do you have access to a fax machine? Than fax them all the above details.

    Any details it has like cheque no or credit card n. thru which you have paid the premium, could be used as a back up in case the worst were to happen, having some checkable proof or contact numbers with you is better than nothing.

    Hope this help!
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