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Thread: Q&A on Mutual Fund

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemant View Post
    Do we need to submit KYC documents every year?
    What if I have already completed the earlier KYC (MIN) procedure with CVL ?
    Scenario 1
    If the KYC (MIN) was completed by submitting the PAN, the Acknowledgement obtained at that time can be enclosed along with the Investment Application Form(s) / Transaction Slip(s) while investing for the first time in every folio as the PAN number will be stated on the said acknowledgement. You need not repeat the process now.
    Scenario 2

    If the KYC (MIN) was completed without submitting the PAN but with other proof of identity documents, for such cases, CVL will send out a communication to the respective investors requesting them to submit self attested copy of PAN card for KYC compliance.
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    a venture program financed by shareholders that exchanges expanded property and is professionally overseen.

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